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Natural Fibres

Eco-friendly fabrics.

The manufacturing detail and processing all conform to the international organic certification standard. While our customers enjoy the comfort, relaxing personal styling, and the superior quality of our organic fashion line, VTX is committed to promote the alternative cropping of organic , pesticide free and low impact dye fiber that in turn saves the planet form further contamination and degradation.

Naturally Grown and Organic Fabrics

In contrast to the conventionally grown cotton and non- biodegradable synthetics, the organic fibers we use for VTX are free of harmful pesticides and chemicals. The eco-friendly natural and recycled fabrics used for our line include organic cotton, tensile, hemp, silk, and organic wool. These naturally grown and organic fibers offer the premium characteristics of easy care, durability, softness, permeability, static electricity resistance, and protection against chemical sensitivity.
Our colored organic fabric is finished with “low impact dyes” which are free of metal and mordant substances. Such dyeing process protects the earth from wastage of water and electricity, and eliminates toxic discharge runoff into the waste stream during process.

Organically Grown Cotton

Conventional method of growing cotton is known to be heavily dependent on synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. It takes approximately one pound of chemicals to grow three pounds of cotton. Organically grown cotton relies on biologically based agricultural methods. To be certified as organic, the soil for the agriculture of organic cotton has to be free of chemicals for at least three years. Moreover, the farmers and processors are subject to annual inspection.

Fabrics made from organically grown cotton are superior in absorbance, softness, static electricity resistance, and durability. Organic farming also has a global warming correlation; chemicals are manufactured and transported using fossil fuels, and organic farmers use less water it takes one-third of a pound of fertilizers and pesticides to produce the average cotton T-shirt.

By working exclusively with organic farmers, we can keep millions of pounds of chemicals out of the environment, which has a positive impact on watersheds, wildlife and humans.

  Natural Fibres


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