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Design Products
Product Development

  • This is a self-contained comprehensive design oriented production unit, well capable of transferring the design studio’s creations to realistically producible products.
  • Experienced technically qualified team efficiently handles design innovation.
  • Holistic customer focused product development is accomplished on a level that is much broader and detailed.
  • The team takes responsibility to refine the required product down to a number of logical stages, providing a right balance of flexibility and construction to deliver innovation and creativity.
  • Experienced technicians constantly work towards retaining the spirit of the original design concept while technical excellence and economic manufacturability is achieved.
  • A clear understanding of strategic objectives, combined with vision, lateral thinking, and attention to detail results in far superior products, thereby keeping competitions at bay.
  • Customer satisfaction being the focus of the department’s function, the team focuses on achieving this in all of their product management and product development efforts.
  • The product development team successfully works towards creating an integrated approach, bridging the gap between marketing, design and production.
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